Working in Paradise? 4 Cafes in Siargao for Workaholics

As much as we don't want to admit it, we sometimes bring our work with us on vacation. For those unavoidable moments (or if you really just want to get your coffee fix!), we've rounded up a list of our favorite cafes and coffee shops in Siargao!

Don't spend too much time staring at your laptop though, there's plenty of things to do in Siargao that you don't want to miss! 


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Siargao Cafes - Bake Siargao
Siargao Cafes - Bake Siargao
Siargao Cafes - Bake Siargao

The Siargao sun can be a bit too much on a hot summer's day, so if you're looking for a cool place to escape from the heat, head over to Bake Siargao. It's a quiet place to stay in and slow down or to catch up on some work. If only Siargao's waves weren't calling, we'd stay on those comfy couches all day! Their cute interiors, broad windows, and open floor plan make it an Instagrammer's dream too.

Tip: They have a few well-decorated rooms at the back too, if you're looking for accommodations in Siargao!

Budget: PHP 130 for a cappuccino, PHP 100 for a chocolate croissant



Siargao Cafes - Lunares Cafe

Just across the street from Bake Siargao, you'll find a semi-open-air cafe called Lunares Cafe. Full of busy people working, hunched over their laptops, you'd think Lunares was a small co-working space in the middle of Siargao. People flock here to make use of their decent WiFi, a rarity on the island!

Tip: They have a few seats inside if you don't want to dine al fresco.

Budget: PHP 100 for a cappuccino, PHP 180 for a tuna sandwich



Siargao Cafes - Cafe Loka

If you fancy working with a view, then Cafe Loka is the place for you! This beachside cafe is located in Siargao's most popular surfing spot - Cloud 9. What better way to get your creative juices flowing than by looking out at the waves with a mango shake in hand?

Tip: Cafe Loka set up a few small tables on the beach right in front of them so you can enjoy your food and drinks while laying on the sand.

Budget: PHP 200 for a full sandwich (PHP 120 for half), PHP 180 for a mango shake


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Siargao Cafes - Kawayan Gourmand
Siargao Cafes - Kawayan Gourmand
Siargao Cafes - Kawayan Gourmand

Rounding out our list is Siargao's very own French bakery, Kawayan Gourmand. If you have a sweet tooth or an appetite for French pastries, you'll definitely want to drop by Kawayan Gourmand to enjoy macarons and baguettes over coffee. If you're working in paradise, you might as well treat yourself to delicious pastries! Plus, they make their pastries in-house and supply to other shops in Siargao, so you'd be getting these delicious baked goods fresh from the source!

Tip: They're the sister cafe of French restaurant, Kawayan Siargao Restaurant.

Budget: PHP 150 for an americano and croissant combo, PHP 50 for a baguette


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