Sage Baguio: A Taste of Heartwarming Comfort Food

If you're thinking of where to eat in Baguio, Sage is a classic example of Baguio’s strong foothold in home-cooked meals. What started off as an idea for a quaint cafe with a handful of homemade recipes by owner and mom, Arlene Sy, has turned into one of the most popular restaurants in the City of Pines.

Since its debut in 2013, it has remained a favorite of Baguio locals and tourists alike, with its delicious home-cooked meals, cozy ambiance, and affordable prices. Sage is definitely a must-visit when in Baguio!

Where to eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio
Where to eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio

Sisig Shots

Where to eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio (sisig shots)

Start your meal off with Sisig Shots (Php 130), sisig wraps placed on top of shot glasses filled with soy sauce. A little tricky to eat but definitely worth the mess!



Shrimp Pomelo Salad

Where to eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio (shrimp pomelo salad)

The Shrimp Pomelo Salad with sesame dressing (Php 180) is a refreshing starter, paired well with with their orange- and cucumber-infused water.



Creamy Bulalo Steak

Where to Eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio (Creamy Bulalo Steak)

Their Creamy Bulalo Steak served with mashed potatoes (Php 280) is a Sage best seller and a favorite among locals! This dish is good for sharing, but you might want this all for yourself after you’ve had your first bite.


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Barbecued Spareribs

Where to eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio (barbecued spareribs)

The Barbecued Spareribs (Php 260) are sure to excite your taste buds with tender meat that’s sure to fall off the bone.



Baked Prawns

Where to eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio (baked prawns)

For seafood lovers, you are sure to love their Baked Prawns infused with Boursin Garlic & herb cheese (Php 280), which is served with corn & carrots and a generous serving of mashed potatoes. This dish is an unusual take on baked prawns, but you’ll definitely be devouring every bit of it before your meal is over.



Basil Shrimp Pasta

Where to Eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio (Basil Shrimp Pasta)

You won’t get enough of Sage’s Basil Shrimp Pasta (Php 180), a light and hearty meal for those who want a quick bite.



Thirst Quenchers

Where to eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio (thirst quenchers)

To top off your meal, order from Sage’s long list of thirst quenchers. The Cucumber Lemonade Freeze (Php 110) is a refreshing drink you wish you could take home, the Mango Shake (Php 85) is as fresh as they come, and the Strawberry Shake (Php 85) is, of course, a must in Baguio!


Where to eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio

Sage is a delightful Baguio jewel with dishes that are sure to make you come back for more. If you’re looking for a restaurant with delicious home-cooked meals made with fresh and locally-sourced ingredients at affordable prices, Sage is definitely worth a visit when in Baguio!

Meal Recap

Sisig Shots - Php 130
Shrimp Pomelo Salad with Sesame Dressing - Php 180
Basil Shrimp Pasta - Php 180
Barbecued Spareribs - Php 260
Baked Prawns with Boursin Garlic and Herb Cheese - Php 280
Salmon Picatta - Php 280
Creamy Bulalo Steak Served with Mashed Potatoes - Php 280


Cucumber Lemonade Freeze - Php 110
Mango Shake - Php 85
Strawberry Shake - Php 85

Where to eat in Baguio - Sage Baguio


Hours: Daily, 10am to 9pm
Address: 95 Military Cut-off Road, Baguio City
Phone Number: (074) 422 2954

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