Kermit Siargao Review: The Complete Siargao Experience

If there's one thing synonymous to Siargao, it would definitely be Kermit. This humble, local resort is one of the original establishments in Siargao, alive even before the the island's big tourism boom.

True enough - in all of our research on Siargao, from online reviews and conversations with friends, Kermit Siargao Surf Resort and Restaurant always kept popping up. And, with every recommendation came a warning, "book early because they run out of rooms fast!"

We were curious; what made this resort so popular? In search of answers, we decided to stay at Kermit during our trip to Siargao. Read on to find out why everyone raves about this resort and if we felt the same way!


This is a sponsored post written by Seeker for Kermit Siargao Surf Resort and Restaurant. All opinions are our own. 

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The Resort

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The first thing you'll notice as you enter Kermit Siargao is the resort's earthy, laidback feel. The place is filled with sand and surrounded by trees. Even its buildings, or more like wooden structures, have open layouts and use materials that blend in with all of nature's natural greens and browns.

As soon as you enter the property, you're greeted with cold welcome drinks, much needed after the flight and van transfer. Then, Kermit's guest relations manager sits down with you and walks you through all the resort's amenities and services. We took this opportunity to ask him a few questions about Siargao, as well as his restaurant and tour recommendations.

Even with our numerous questions, and a few probing ones about his personal life and how he ended up living in Siargao, he was polite and friendly all throughout. It felt like we were catching up with a friend and actually picking the brain of a local, rather than talking to a stiff and detached hotel concierge. 

This is what Kermit is all about - a relaxed atmosphere (or "anti-bad vibes" as they like to call it) and thoughtful service, built around a tight-knit community.

Tip #1: It's best to bring luggage that you don't have to roll, like backpacks and duffel bags, because sand can get on the wheels of rolled luggage, making it hard to pull.
Tip #2: Bring mosquito repellant.

The Rooms

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Rooms at Kermit Siargao:

  • Bungalow:
    PHP 1,800 to PHP 2,000/night (for 2pax)
    Aircon: YES    ||    Private Bathroom: YES
  • Standard AC Room:
    PHP 1,400/night (for 2pax)
    Aircon: YES    ||    Private Bathroom: YES
  • Cottage:
    PHP 1,650/night (for 2pax)
    Aircon: YES    ||    Private Bathroom: YES
  • K House:
    PHP 2,750/night (for 4pax)
    Aircon: YES    ||    Private Bathroom: NO
  • K Up & Down:
    PHP 1,200/night (for 2pax)
    Aircon: YES    ||    Private Bathroom: NO
  • Basic Fan Room:
    PHP 950/night (for 2pax)
    Aircon: NO    ||    Private Bathroom: NO
All rooms come with breakfast. All prices are exclusive of 12% VAT. Fee for extra person is PHP 500/night.

Basic Fan Room

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We stayed at Kermit Siargao's Basic Fan Room, a humble room good for 2-4 people. It was a basic, no-frills room, made of native and wooden materials. It's perfect for backpackers and travelers on a budget who would prefer a private room over a shared dorm room.

What we liked best about the room: By the entryway, there's a small veranda where you can spend your mornings in peace. The room is also very spacious and has a good amount of sockets.

What we didn't like so much about the room: Since we went in January, the room was cool at night, but we still had a little trouble sleeping. (However, if you're comfy sleeping with just a fan on, this shouldn't be a bother!) We also weren't big fans of the bathroom, which always had a wet floor and was on the ground floor, meaning if you went down at night, there's a good chance that restaurant guests could see you in your PJs.

Other things you need to know: You have to climb a pretty steep flight of stairs to get to your room, which can be a little challenging with luggage. But don't worry, Kermit's friendly staff can assist you in bringing up your luggage!

Tip #3: If you hang your towels or clothes on the railing outside, be wary of ants and insects getting on them.

Going on a Siargao food trip?

The Restaurant

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What we love about Kermit is that you don't have to go far for good food. Kermit Siargao serves the B-E-S-T pizza on the island and, dare we say, the Philippines! Their four cheese and parma ham pizza landed them on our list of must-try restaurants in Siargao.

Tip #4: The restaurant always gets full during dinnertime. Not to worry - guests of the resort can enjoy their dinner at the Chillout Lounge away from the crowds.

Breakfast at Kermit

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An overnight stay at Kermit Siargao includes a hearty breakfast meal to kickstart your day. Breakfast includes your choice of main dish, fresh fruit shake, and coffee or tea. 

Amenities and Services

Chillout Lounge

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Our favorite thing about Kermit Siargao, besides the food, would have to be their breezy chillout area - a two-floor, open-air lounge filled with mats, couches and bean bags, exclusively for guests of Kermit Siargao. Guests can hangout over Kermit-provided boardgames or set themselves down on one of their many bean bags and spend hours reading (or sleeping!).

The chillout area is also perfect for digital nomads or people who brought a little work with them to paradise, with their big tables and strategically-placed sockets.

Tip #5: You can order food & drinks from the restaurant and have it brought here for a work-time snack.

In-house Store

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Also on the premises, is a small store selling beach essentials, like reef-friendly sunscreen, eye-catching swimsuits, and small beach totes. If you forget to pack your toiletries or if you accidentally break your only pair of slippers, because we all know it happens sometimes, you can easily replace them here!

The store is also home to Gwapitos' HQ, the brand responsible for those popular Siargao printed tees you'll see in every corner of the island. Get one here and bring it home as a souvenir.

Island Tours and Activities

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You can't visit Siargao and miss out on visiting its famous sites. Join a tour with Kermit, see Siargao's most popular destinations, and make friends in the process!

Tours & activities they offer:

  • Island Hopping Tour to Daku, Guyam and Naked Islands (PHP 1,000/head)
  • Sugba Lagoon Tour (PHP 2,000/head)
  • Sohoton Cove Tour (upon request)
  • Surf Lessons (PHP 500/hour, with instructor)

A few things to know:

  • The Island Hopping and Sugba Lagoon tours are 'joiners' tours, meaning you'll be with other people, which cuts down costs and makes it more fun!
  • Kermit tours are open to everyone, even guests of other resorts!
  • Tour prices are inclusive of a Kermit tour guide, transportation to and from Kermit, lunch and drinks. 
  • Meet-ups and drop-offs are in Kermit, but if you're a guest of another resort and you don't want to head back to Kermit after the tour, you can ask your tour guide to drop you off along the main road on your way back.
  • Call ahead to reserve your slot because Kermit's tours are very popular & can get full.


SOON ON THE BLOG - Our Island Hopping and Sugba Lagoon experience with Kermit!

How to Get to Kermit Siargao

Only 3 airlines operate regular flights to Siargao - Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines and Skyjet Airlines. With Cebu Pacific and PAL, you have the option to fly straight from Manila or make a stopover in Cebu. Skyjet, the most expensive option among the 3, flies direct to Siargao from Manila. You can search, compare, and book flights to Siargao here.

Upon arrival at Siargao's Sayak AIrport (Code: IAO) in Del Carmen, you can choose from the many vans stationed outside and rent one on the spot to take you to your hotel. Although it's easy to hire vans at the airport, we still suggest booking a transfer prior to your arrival for peace of mind. The prices don't differ that much anyway and it saves you the hassle of finding a van with all your luggage in tow.

Luckily, Kermit offers airport transfers for its guests for just PHP 300/head per way, and you can also book a transfer with them even if you're not staying at their hotel. You can book this through their website.

Kermit, like any other Siargao hotel, is far from the Siargao Airport. Travel time from the airport to Kermit will take around 45 minutes.

Looking for a place to stay in Siargao?

The Location and Things to Do in the Area

Kermit is located 5-10 minutes away on foot from both the beach and the town. Despite its central location, Kermit Siargao is not located on the main road so it can be tough to hail a habal-habal or tricycle from here. There are rarely any drivers waiting right outside the resort, unlike in other hotels, so you'd have to ask the reception to call one for you and wait for them to arrive.

Tip #6: After your first trike or habal-habal ride, ask your driver for his number and save it for the next time you need another ride. 

Since Kermit is off the main road, the roads leading to it are smaller and unpaved. When it rains, the roads can get flooded and muddy, so prepare for your legs and feet to get a little mud on it. Good news though, there are rumours floating around that the local government might be paving the roads soon to prevent flooding. Hope it's true!

The one thing that would make Kermit the perfect resort is if it was located right on the beach. So, if you imagine your days in Siargao to start with a quick dip in the beach after breakfast, this might not be the ideal resort for you. However, if you don't mind being a little farther from the beach, then book a stay here ASAP as rooms fill up quickly.

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The Verdict

Despite the resort's off-path location, distance from the beach, and no-frills room, we had a great experience with Kermit Siargao all-in-all! We highly recommend it for budget travellers, backpackers, and people looking for an authentic Siargao experience.

Even if you don't end up staying at Kermit, we urge you to go on one of their tours! It's a good way to see the island, have some fun, and meet new friends in the process!

Trip Recap

Basic Fan Room with Breakfast for 3pax - PHP 1,450
Island Hopping Tour - PHP 1,000/head
Sugba Lagoon Tour - PHP 2,000/head
Airport Transfer (one-way) - PHP 300/head

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Kermit Siargao Surf Resort and Restaurant

Address: Purok 5, General Luna, Siargao Island
Phone Number: (0917) 655 0548, (0998) 859 2080

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