How to Survive Sinulog 101

It is time once again for one of the Philippines' most established festivals-- the Sinulog Festival! Given that this festival is a highlight to tourists and locals alike, we thought we'd give you tips on how to survive your first Sinulog.

1. Stay hydrated!

Cebu is always hot so it's best to keep water with you at all times. The Sinulog team actually gave this helpful little map for best reference on all the water stations:

2. Wear light and comfortable clothes

We cannot stress this enough. It is going to get hot and really messy with all the paint and sweat on you. Light fabrics, shorts and your most comfy shoes are recommended!

3. Eat before you party

This festival can rob you blind if you aren't careful. Food and drinks get very expensive on the day of the parade so best to munch on something before you leave for the party!

Cebu Sinulog breakfast

4. Wear sunblock

This is a must, especially if you're spending hours on the street.

5. Be wary of the crowd

The crowd is intense and can be unmanageable. Make sure you and your friends stick close and move from one place to another when the stampede of people subside. If you happen to get lost, go to higher ground to get away from the people. This way your friends will be able to spot you better!


6. There is more to Sinulog than just the parade and the street party!

The government of Cebu have actually a lot of activities for everyone to enjoy. You can find all the activities listed for this January festival here.


Have fun, Seekers!

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