Authentic Japanese Food in Baguio's Chaya Restaurant

Tucked away in the corner of Legarda Road and Dr. Carino Street is a small, modest house, reminiscent of old Baguio. If it wasn't for the small poster strung along its main gate and the regular influx of people, passersby would think it was any old house. But hidden behind a thick wall of leaves is Baguio's go-to Japanese restaurant and one of Baguio's local gems - Chaya.

With its wooden panels, semi-open kitchen, cozy couch set-up, and vintage piano on display, guests will feel like they're being invited into the cook's own home. Not to mention, its big open windows that let the cold Baguio air in. It's no wonder why Chaya has remained one of Baguio's popular restaurants with both locals and tourists alike.

Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio
Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio
Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio
Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio

Salmon Seafood Salad

Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio (salmon seafood salad)

Start your meal with their Salmon Seafood Salad (Php 280 small / Php 390 full). This colorful salad mixes Baguio’s famous vegetables with fresh salmon, shrimp and octopus, which is then topped with alfalfa and Chaya’s special dressing.



Kani Salad

Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio (kani salad)

If you’re in the mood for a lighter dish, you can opt for Chaya’s refreshing Kani Salad (Php 230 small / Php 320 full) instead.



Sashimi Variety

Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio (sashimi variety)

Seafood or sashimi doesn’t immediately come to mind when eating in Baguio but, take it from us, this dish is a must! The Sashimi Variety (Php 450 small / Php 750 full) is filled with the fresh choice-cut seafood, including salmon, tuna, squid and uni or sea urchin. Can't get enough of salmon? You can also order a plate full of the freshest Salmon Sashimi (Php 220 small / Php 380 full), which - for it's price - is definitely more than what you'd typically get in Manila.


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Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio (sukiyaki)

Japanese food lovers will definitely want to try Chaya’s famous Sukiyaki (Php 390). A hot, soupy dish with the perfect mix of tenderized beef, mushrooms, noodles, and fresh egg that's poured right in front of your eyes. This dish was an immediate favorite of the group!


Vegetable Tempura

Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio (vegetable tempura)

Chaya’s Vegetable Tempura (Php 290), with its light and crisp fried coating, pays homage to the wide variety of vegetables available in Baguio. We can see ourselves munching on this as a snack, too!



Negi Toro

Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio (negi toro)

For a special, off-menu treat, ask one of the friendly waiters for the Negi Toro (Php 200 half / Php 380 full), which is made from the fattier part of the tuna. Behind this is the California Roll (Php 240 small / Php 460 full), a Japanese staple.


Drinks and Shakes

Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio (drinks)

Along with their number of mouthwatering dishes, Chaya also serves fresh drinks and shakes. The Strawberry Shake (Php 110) is, of course, a must in Baguio! The Green Mango Shake (Php 110) and Buko Shake (Php 110) are delicious alternatives if you don’t want to overload yourself with too many strawberries during your trip. If you want something that will complement the food really well, the Green Tea Shake (Php 120) is your best bet. For something a little less filling, try the light & citrusy Iced Lemongrass Tea (Php 90).




Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio (dessert)

Top off your meal with one of Chaya's delectable ice cream concoctions. Their Cream Anmitsu (Php 180) is a sure crowd favourite - green tea ice cream topped with sweetened red mongo and whipped cream. The Fruits Parfait (Php 180), with its 2 scoops of ice cream and mixed selection of fruits, is great for sharing with friends. Chaya’s Chocolate Parfait (Php 180), a tower of ice cream filled to the brim with chocolate, bananas, and corn flakes, is a chocolate lover’s paradise!


Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio

This unassuming house-turned-restaurant boasts the best Japanese food in Baguio. So, if you are on the look-out for authentic, home-cooked Japanese food that incorporates Baguio's famous vegetables with surprisingly fresh seafood, Chaya is the restaurant for you!

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Meal Recap

Sashimi Variety - Php 450 small / Php 750 full
Salmon Sashimi - Php 220 small / Php 380 full
Kani Salad - Php 230 small / Php 320 full
Salmon Seafood Salad - Php 280 small / Php 390 full
Agedashi Tofu & Nasu - Php 180
Sukiyaki - Php 390
Mixed Fry Tempura - Php 390
Vegetable Tempura - Php 290
Gyoza - Php 120 3pcs / Php 190 6pcs
California Roll - Php 240 small / Php 460 full
Negi Toro - Php 200 half / Php 380 full

Iced Lemongrass Tea - Php 90
Green Tea Shake - Php 120
Green Mango Shake - Php 110
Buko Shake - Php 110
Strawberry Shake - Php 110

Chocolate Parfait - Php 180
Cream Anmitsu - Php 180
Fruits Parfait - Php 180

Where to eat in Baguio - Chaya Baguio


Hours: Daily, 10am to 9pm
Address: 72 Legarda Rd, Baguio City
Phone Number: (074) 424 4726, (0915) 905 4820

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