Cebu: The Perfect Destination for Any Kind of Traveler

Words by Hazel Lumbre


Traveling, while one of the more enjoyable things in life, is also a bit difficult. Aside from getting logistics figured out and budgets accounted for, it’s often a struggle to choose what kind of scenery to take on for the next adventure. Fortunately, we’ve found you a place where you can find everything at once.

Some places are filled with skyscrapers, some with natural beauty. Some destinations are perfect for soaking in culture and history, some are for soaking in sunshine. In Cebu, you get the right mix of all of that. For the city-goers, the history buffs, the island hoppers, and the adrenaline junkies, here are some tried-and-tested destinations for you!

For the city-goers

Salinas Restaurant Photo by @ seekertravels

Salinas Restaurant Photo by @seekertravels

There’s a plethora of malls you can go to when in Cebu, the newest of which being SM Seaside in the Reclamation area (with the only ice-skating rink in the city!). Another mall, the more popular among the locals, is Ayala Center Cebu on Cardinal Rosales Ave. Both of these malls are great places to settle in for a few hours when you’re missing the metro. Alternatively, you could satisfy your taste buds and go on a food trip, starting with what Cebu's famous for - lechon!

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For the history buffs

Cebu Heritage Monument Photo by @ seekertravels

Cebu Heritage Monument Photo by @seekertravels

If soaking up history is more up your alley, you can visit Cebu's historic sites and key monuments in a day, starting with the Heritage of Cebu Monument, which depicts important moments throughout Cebu's history. Then, make your way to Magellan's Cross, which is significant not only to the history of Cebu but to the whole country as well. Other sites you might be interested in: Fort San Pedro, Basilica Minore Del Sto. Nino, Museo Sugbo, Plaza Independencia, Rajah Humabon Monument, Yap-San Diego Ancestral House, Casa Gorordo Museum, and Colon Street. Most of these sites can be visited on foot or by joining a city tour.

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For the island hoppers

Pescador Island Photo by @ seekertravels

Pescador Island Photo by @seekertravels

Sumilon Island Sandbar Photo by @ antony.isabella

Sumilon Island Sandbar Photo by @antony.isabella

Here’s a secret: if you want to island-hop peacefully without too many people getting in your way, go to the sandbar at Sumilon Island, which is a good 3 hours away from the city proper. Another option would be to go island-hopping in Moalboal for the sardine run, turtle-watching, and snorkeling by Pescador Island. Either way, rent a bangka (although a tour package could do you a great convenience with that, for around PHP 2,000 per person— the bigger the group, the cheaper it would be!), sail off to those sandbars and islands, get that tan, and swim those worries away!

For the adrenaline junkies

Osmeña Peak Photo by @ seekertravels

Osmeña Peak Photo by @seekertravels

If you'd rather skip the city lines for a dose of adventure and adrenaline, the place to go to is Osmeña Peak, around 3 hours away from the city proper by bus then another 1 hour by habal-habal. For a fee of PHP 30, plus PHP 150 for a tour guide for your whole group, you get a good sweat, a breath of fresh air at the top of a mountain, and a breathtaking view. If you’re looking to swim off the sweat and grime from the trek, Kawasan Falls is just one and a half hours away from Osmeña Peak, where you can jump off of cliffs and go canyoneering as you make your way to the bottom of the falls.

Looking for hotels in Cebu?

As for where to stay in Cebu, if you’re looking to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, West 25 Eco Mountain Resort in Balamban is a mere hour from the city proper. Similar to Osmeña Peak with its fresh air, green-rich surroundings, and a great view of Mother Nature, it’s the perfect place for a nature-lover to bunk in and rest.

West 25 Eco Mountain Resort Photo by Hazel Lumbre

West 25 Eco Mountain Resort Photo by Hazel Lumbre

West 25 Eco Mountain Resort Photo by Hazel Lumbre

West 25 Eco Mountain Resort Photo by Hazel Lumbre

Hopefully each of these tailor-fit destinations find their ways onto your itineraries, perhaps even all of them if you’re traveling in a group that has a mix of all these travelers! And while you’re there, don’t forget to try Cebu's famous lechon!

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